About oboloo

oboloo’s goal is to enable any size organisation anywhere in the world to be supplier smart

It’s a simple fact that suppliers are the lifeblood of organisations. Far too often they’re overlooked due to a variety of reasons and as a result there is little or no transparency or control over how these suppliers are chosen or managed. 

oboloo was born out of the need to deliver an intuitive procurement software that enables any organisation to be supplier smart through sourcing, contract, supplier management and savings management. No matter an organisation’s size, location, what it does or who is using it. 

To keep your data secure oboloo uses state-of-the-art data servers, including AWS™, with dual encryption, automatic 24 hours back-ups, two-factor authentication and additional security levels via Cloudflare™ 

oboloo is a play on the word, ‘obol, which was one of the world’s earliest forms of currency used in Ancient Greece

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