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Smart cloud-based procurement software with e-sourcing, contract & supplier management 

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oboloo Sourcing Procurement

Do you have full control and visibility of your suppliers?

oboloo’s smart user-friendly Procurement SaaS gives your organisation full visibility and control of your sourcing, contract & supplier management activities based on your values

e-Sourcing Made Easy

Have full visibility and control of your organisation’s sourcing activities 

oboloo Sourcing

Create simple RFPs

Make quick supplier evaluations

Create scoring criteria and questionnaires

Contract Management

Have full visibility and control of your organisation’s supplier contracts

Access all of your supplier contracts in one place

Never miss a contract expiry date or let one auto-renew

Keep a record of all contract changes

oboloo contract management

Supplier Management

Have full visibility and control of your suppliers and their documentation

Oboloo Supplier management

Easy supplier on-boarding & vetting process