A Proven RFP Process For Any Company

A Proven RFP Process For Any Company The ultimate step-by step guide to a successful request for proposal Table of Contents What is a Request For Proposal (RFP)? A request for proposal (sometimes referred to as a request for pricing), or RFP, is usually a document that describes a companies needs (usually goods and/or services).

Supply Management
What Is Supplier Management?

What Is Supplier Management? Supplier management is a process that drives the best value between a company and the suppliers they work with. Within strategic procurement, Supplier Management allows companies to plan, manage and improve interactions with third-parties that provide them with goods or services. Supplier relationship management (see below) is a key factor in a

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What is eSourcing?

What is eSourcing? eSourcing, sometimes referred to as electronic sourcing is the process a company uses to procure goods and services from suppliers with the ability to compare them side by side based on quoted pricing or capabilities in order to choose a preferred supplier based on data. This process is typically carried out on

Contract management software
What Is Contract Management Software?

What Is Contract Management Software? This article will detail the benefits of contract management software, what companies it is best suited for, and its main features. What is contract management software? Contract management software is a digital platform designed to be a repository for a company’s legal contracts as well as offering functions such as

Cloud eProcurement
What is eProcurement?

What is eProcurement? eProcurement, also known as electronic procurement is typically known as the process of purchasing goods and services from a supplier via a procurement software.  eProcurement has evolved in recent years. Legacy eprocurement systems tend to focus on purely procuring goods and services from a supplier through a typical sourcing, eTender or eAuction

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What is Procurement Software?

What is Procurement Software? Procurement software (sometimes known as eprocurement software) can be used to support businesses with tools to source goods and services, contract management, supplier management  and savings management. Contemporary procurement software is usually hosted within the cloud and can be especially cost effective against older systems as there should be little need

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How to select the right eProcurement software

eProcurement Software How to select the right eProcurement software Procurement departments are the engines within a business that drive greater strategic value. Efficient procurement functions manage end-to-end activities to reveal critical insights not readily available to the wider company. Procurement departments however can struggle to produce these insights due to manual data processes or using

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How To Develop An Effective E-Procurement Approach

How To Develop An Effective E-Procurement Approach If you’re running a business that usually handles multiple transactions a day concerning suppliers and clients, it’s essential to establish a practical procurement strategy. It will involve how you manage your products or services, carry out negotiations and store business documents. One convenient way to improve the flow

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The Basics Of Direct And Indirect Procurement

The Basics of Direct And Indirect Procurement Procurement is an integral part of every business’s operations. It is the process of sourcing and negotiating terms in which goods and services are exchanged between a business and a third party. It usually involves a competitive bidding procedure known as tendering, in which potential suppliers make offers

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