Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

30 Day Free Trial

We ask for your debit/credit card details for several reasons:

  • To verify your identity.
  • To protect us from theft and fraud.
  • To validate your purchase of a paid subscription.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using oboloo and want to continue using it. You will automatically be charged after your 30 day trial. If you’d rather not to you can cancel at any time and no payment will be taken

Of course. You will not be charged until the 30 day free trial has ended

Of course. We’d like you to explore all of oboloo so you can get the most out of it

You just sign up and log in and explore the system. You can cancel your trial at anytime before the next billing date and you will not be charged

Security & Privacy

Yes we do to give you additional security to your domain and user log ins. To use this download a two-factor authentication app on your phone

oboloo uses a selection of data servers, including AWS

We have multiple data centres around the world. If you have specific requirements please get in contact

Every 24 hours


You can cancel at any time.

Our contracts are monthly rolling basis. For customers on the customised plan we typically ask for a 2 year contract

You can easily add new users or delete old ones in the system. Each user is billed on a monthly basis

All major credit cards are accepted via Stripe. Customers on the customised plan can be billed via invoicing on an annual basis

oboloo is fully self service on the subscription plan meaning that there are no setup or implementation fees

Please see our pricing page under the pricing section

The software

E-Sourcing (Quotes), Contract, Supplier and Savings management as well as Your Values

Of course. It’s important that you get to benefit from all the modules and features that oboloo has to offer

oboloo has been designed to be user friendly so no training should be needed. We do have tutorials available and a help desk if needed

Yes. Its very easy and intuitive. In addition there are step-by-step tutorials that users can access via the support hub

oboloo has step-by-step tutorials and a help desk available. oboloo is deigned to be easy to use.

Of course. you can send us feedback directly within the system. We really value any feedback from our clients.

English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish & Thai.

Please contact us if you have specific requirements

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