Reduce Supplier Risk and Drive Compliance

65% of companies have “poor visibility” of their supplier management processes – Deloitte CPO Survey, 2018
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oboloo Supplier Management software allows you to automate your supplier management. Onboard and vet your suppliers quicker with approvals and digital documentation requests. Drive compliance whilst tracking risk, performance and sustainability with accurate supplier data, visual dashboards and supplier document repository with approvals.

All of your suppliers with their compliance information under one platform

Build a complete picture of all the suppliers across your organisation. oboloo Supplier Management holds all the information and documents that you need against a supplier. Let suppliers upload or refresh their own documents for your approval

Data-driven Supplier Decisions

All your suppliers and their on-boarding documentation in one place. Get visibility into what contracts you have with them, sourcing activities they've been involved in and savings opportunities past and present

Supplier on-boarding with approvals
User-friendly dashboards
User access rights
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Get a helicopter view of all your suppliers and their documentation statuses under one dashboard


Choose who in your organisation can view, edit or approve suppliers and their documents

Audit & Change Logs

Real time notifications and historic audit logs whenever someone makes any updates to a supplier

Clear supplier insights whilst measuring risk, performance & sustainability

Plan ahead using oboloo dashboards and workflows that highlight what you need to do and by when. Get notified when a supplier document or accreditation is about to expire whilst at the same time being able to measure their risk, performance and sustainability

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Automate Supplier Monitoring

Know when a suppliers document is about to expire with automated notifications

Automated compliance and onboarding notifications
Request documents directly from suppliers
Monitor compliance with audit logs and approvals

Document Notifications

Get notified when a supplier document has been uploaded, approved or is about to expire

Store Unlimited Suppliers

There is no limit on the number of suppliers you can create or store within oboloo

Performance, Risk & Sustainability

Measure and track supplier metrics that are important to your organisation

Insightful evaluations with supplier scorecards

Our innovative Supplier Scorecard system is designed to streamline your supplier evaluation process, providing you with a comprehensive, customizable tool that allows you to assess suppliers based on any criteria you deem essential.


Create and score suppliers on any dynamic scorecard you or other users create. A one-stop solution for performance, risk, sustainability or any scorecard you wish to create

Track supplier performance with weighted scoring
Unlimited scorecards based on your own criteria
Historic supplier rankings
Supplier Scorecard Comparision

Evaluate Suppliers Internally

oboloo supplier scorecards gives users the power and ease to evaluate suppliers internally across your organisation

Unlimited Scorecard Possibilities

Create any type of scorecard you wish with any criteria. Evaluate suppliers financial risk or their sustainability efforts.

Track Suppliers Over Any Period

Score a supplier multiple times against the same scorecard and track their performance against previous scorecards

oboloo Supplier Management Software Features

oboloo Supplier Management software includes user-friendly procurement supplier tracking and measurement dashboards that enable you and stakeholders to track and compare supplier performance, risk and sustainability. Be confident onboarding suppliers. oboloo Supplier Management software allows you to request onboarding documents that your suppliers can upload directly within oboloo for your approval. Know when to request document renewals with automated notifications and approvals.

Unlimited Suppliers

Unlimited Document Storage

User-friendly Dashboards

Request & Approve Supplier Documents

Measure Supplier Performance, Risk & Sustainability

Automated & Custom Notifications

Supplier Archiving

Supplier Audit & Change Logs

Viewing & Editing Permissions

Real-Time Analysis

oboloo’s supplier management software also integrates with our eSourcing, contract & savings Management modules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Management FAQ's

There is no limit. No matter what subscription plan you are on you can store unlimited suppliers within oboloo
Yes. Simply request documents directly from a supplier within oboloo Supplier Management and they can upload it directly to their supplier profile within oboloo
oboloo Supplier Management software is designed to simplify, speed up, and automate your supplier management process. With oboloo, you can onboard and vet suppliers quickly with digital documentation requests and approvals. oboloo will automatically send you notifications when a supplier's documentation is about to expire, has been uploaded or approved.  You can also reduce costs associated with supplier oversight and audits, while driving compliance across the supply chain. Plus, our software offers real-time dashboard tracking so you can monitor the entire process in one place!
Absolutely! oboloo Supplier Management software is designed to automate and streamline supplier onboarding and management processes. With oboloo, you can reduce manual labor associated with tasks like paperwork, compliance requirements, and communication. Plus, you'll have the ability to quickly and easily search through data across all of your suppliers to make smarter decisions faster.
Yes. Once a supplier or internal stakeholder has uploaded a document, someone within your organisation can approve it.
Absolutely. When setting up oboloo, users can import suppliers in bulk via oboloo’s upload function
Yes, you can! With oboloo's supplier performance and risk monitoring features, you can track supplier performance with easy-to-use dashboards and analytics. This allows you to proactively anticipate potential issues and take control of your supply chain. You can also review supplier ratings in real time to ensure compliance with contracts and industry standards.
With oboloo's Supplier Management software, you can quickly and easily onboard and vet your suppliers with digital document requests. This automation allows you to easily collect all the necessary documents and information needed before signing a contract, reducing time and manual effort. Plus, you can stay on top of compliance requirements with automated reminder notifications to get documents renewed or updated.
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The smarter way to have full visibility & control of your suppliers


Feel free to contact us here. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible

Oboloo transparent

The smarter way to have full visibility & control of your suppliers


Feel free to contact us here. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible

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