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Create sourcing activities with questionnaires & evaluations based on the values which are important to your organisation

Only "14% of the organisations have a defined, specific, clear process for purchasing." - PwC

User-friendly Sourcing Process

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Invite suppliers, add product lines, create questionnaires, & weighted scoring criteria and attach supporting documents

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Suppliers respond directly within oboloo meaning all responses and documentation is in one place. Score each supplier based on your tenders criteria (cost, sustainability etc)

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oboloo automatically analyses suppliers from their line item responses and offers users a user-friendly dashboard to compare suppliers side by side with your own scoring criteria

Whether you care about price, sustainability, payment terms when awarding suppliers, you can create, use and score your own criteria in Oboloo

Straight Forward Sourcing

Set up sourcing activities in minutes

Create a straight forward end-to-end sourcing activity or use the 'Quick Supplier Evaluation' tool to simply evaluate suppliers based on your values

Invite whichever suppliers you want to include

Invite your pre-vetted suppliers within oboloo or add a new supplier when creating a sourcing activity

Import & export spreadsheets & supporting documents

Attach supporting documents such as price lists or sample contracts in any format when creating sourcing activities 

Automated Supplier Evaluation

Oboloo automatically creates visual analysis based on supplier tender & questionnaire responses

Apply the values that are important to you

Use the default values that have been built into oboloo by your organisation or create custom values based on a specific sourcing activity

Supplier evaluation of suppliers based on your weighted values

oboloo evaluates your supplier based on the weighted values and ranking given in one user-friendly dashboard  

Summary dashboard of all sourcing activities

oboloo lets you score suppliers on more than just cost. Create your own criteria based on anything you like!

Score suppliers based on your own values

Whether you care about price, sustainability or even payment terms when awarding suppliers, you can create, use and score your own criteria in Oboloo

Notifications when you need them

Intelligent in-system notifications let you know when a supplier has responded to a sourcing activity

Historic records of all sourcing activities

Reduce fraud & increase transparency. View sourcing activities historic weighted values, results, author etc

Independent procurement consultants

For larger & more complex sourcing activities there is the opportunity of having an introduction to an independent procurement consultant

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