Automatically Track, Measure & Report Procurement Savings

“Effective management of third party spend can on average release savings
of between 7-12% and can have a direct impact on the bottom line” – PWC

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Procurement savings tracking software - Plan and manage procurement savings and cost reduction & avoidance projects. Split savings projects into easy to manage milestones to measure your procurement savings performance with real-time visibility of all your negotiated savings throughout multiple departments with approval workflows and user-friendly dashboards.

Accurately Calculate And Track Your Cost Reduction & Avoidance

Streamline the planning, executing and tracking of all your cost-saving projects. Collaborate in real-time with team members and stakeholders as you build, track, and manage your savings pipeline.

Realise Savings Pipelines

User-friendly process that lets users create pipeline savings and turn them into realised savings across the project’s lifetime. Split your projects into manageable milestones for easy progress tracking

Turn projected savings into realised
Easy-to-manage Itemised milestones
Link savings to your sourcing activities, contracts & suppliers
procurement savings tracking software dashboard
procurement savings tracking software dashboard

Choose Any Currency

Choose from any currency you wish with configurable exchange rates

Customised Reporting

Build customised reporting views with our easy to use pivot table style report builder

Savings Approvals Workflow

Gain confidence of your savings with approval workflows

Full Visibility And Control With All Your Procurement Savings In One Place

Create new savings projects based on real negotiations from your sourcing activities, contracts and suppliers. Track procurement savings against your projects baseline spend, then create milestones and turn pipeline savings opportunities into realised cost savings.

procurement savings tracking software table
procurement savings tracking software table

No More Spreadsheet Trackers

Know whenever a saving has been edited, completed, how much it was worth and what user signed it off with historic records, automated notifications and a change log on every savings record

Historic audit trail
Approvals and user access rights
Automated Notifications

Audit and Change Logs

Real time notifications and historic audit logs whenever someone makes any updates to a saving

Create Savings From Sourcing Activities

Create savings projects directly from an eSourcing activity with linked records for easy viewing

Automated Notifications

Know when a saving is due for completion or needs approval with automated notifications direct to your inbox

oboloo Savings Management Software Features

oboloo Savings Management software includes user-friendly procurement savings tracking and forecasting dashboards that enable you and stakeholders to track and compare pipeline and realised savings. Create savings projects from scratch or from already negotiated opportunities within the oboloo procurement platform with automated notifications and approvals.

Unlimited Procurement Savings Projects

Unlimited Savings Document Storage

Track Procurement Savings In Real Time

Secure Audit And Change Logs

Savings Approvals

Savings Validation

User-friendly Dashboards

Automated Notifications

Viewing & Editing Permissions

Real-Time Analysis

oboloo’s Savings Management software also integrates with our eSourcing, Contract & Supplier Management modules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Savings Management FAQ's

There is no limit. No matter what subscription plan you are on you can create and store unlimited savings within oboloo
Yes. oboloo Savings Management integrates to oboloo’ sourcing, contract and supplier modules meaning you can create linked records instantly
By splitting your procurement savings projects into easy to milestones, you are able to track your progress and see all of your negotiated savings in real-time.
Yes, oboloo offers a variety of features that can help you make informed decisions regarding your procurement processes including real-time dashboards and being able to build customised reports
Yes. Once a member of your team has created a savings project they can request approval from another team member or Manager
Yes. Once a savings project has been completed, the creator of that savings project can send a request to a Manager to validate and sign it off
Yes, you can easily split your savings projects into easy-to-understand milestones so you can better track your progress and ensure that all negotiated savings are achieved. And with real-time visibility of all your negotiation's progress, you'll always know where you stand.
Yes, you can always view the status of all your negotiated savings in real-time.
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The smarter way to have full visibility & control of your suppliers


Feel free to contact us here. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible

Oboloo transparent

The smarter way to have full visibility & control of your suppliers


Feel free to contact us here. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible

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