oboloo for charities

Empowering Non-Profits with Efficient Procurement Solutions

With oboloo, charities can:

By participating in the oboloo For Charities program, registered charities and non-profit organizations receive a 50% discount on our Standard oboloo software subscription. We also offer tailored solutions with discounts on our Customised oboloo subscription plan (Price on Application), ensuring that every organization can find a plan that fits their unique needs.

At oboloo, we understand the vital role that charities and non-profit organizations play in our communities. To support these invaluable efforts, we’ve developed the oboloo For Charities program. This initiative is designed to help charities save precious time and resources by providing full visibility and control over their entire procurement process. From sourcing and contract management to supplier and savings management, our system streamlines every aspect, enabling charities to focus more on their missions