Savings Life-cycle Management

Identify, track and collaborate on your company wide Savings. Gain visibility and transparency into your projected and realised savings with itemised savings projects by team, location or department. .

"Effective management of third party spend can on average release savings
of between 7-12% and can have a direct impact on the bottom line" - PWC

Transform ideas into Savings

Collate and track all your savings in real-time.

Turn projected savings into realised savings

User-friendly and transparent savings process lets users create pipeline savings and turn them into realised savings across the project’s lifetime

Itemised Milestones

Split your Savings projects into multiple milestones that allow you to keep track of your Savings on a granular level and realise itemised realised Savings when they're completed

Link Savings to your Sourcing Activities, Contracts & Suppliers

Track where you organisation’s savings are originating from whether it be a cost avoidance from a sourcing activity or a cost reduction from on-going supplier management

Full Transparency of Your Savings

User-friendly dashboards of all your organisations contracts. See how they measure up against your organisations values

User-friendly dashboard

Visibility of your Savings by Department, Milestone or Category split by cost reduction or avoidance

Easy & Transparent tracking

Track your savings by the year, progress or user. oboloo's Savings Management gives organisations a helicopter view of all of your past, present and pipeline Savings

Historic audit trail

See when a Saving has been completed, how much it was worth and what user signed it off with historic records and a change log on each Saving

And Unlimited Currencies

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