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How To Develop An Effective E-Procurement Approach

How To Develop An Effective E-Procurement Approach


If you’re running a business that usually handles multiple transactions a day concerning suppliers and clients, it’s essential to establish a practical procurement strategy. It will involve how you manage your products or services, carry out negotiations and store business documents.

One convenient way to improve the flow of procurement for all parties involved is by incorporating the use of e-procurement software into the process. It can complete business transactions effectively by making the processes efficient and convenient, guaranteeing all interactions are correctly addressed.

With an online procurement strategy, your business can benefit from significant improvements due to shorter turnaround times, real-time data and overall better customer satisfaction. If you want to know more tips on developing the right e-procurement approach, keep reading below.


Establish the Needs of Your Business

Since starting your company, you will have already come up with a procurement strategy that you’ve benefited from up to now. Before you consider utilising a cloud-based procurement platform, it’s essential to take a step back and determine what your business needs are.

To help with your decision, it’s best to review your current strategy and also evaluate where your company currently stands on day to day processes and procedures. Listing down all your current activities will help determine whether you would further benefit from an e-sourcing software.

Knowing how your procurement works now can help inform if you can further optimise the handling of deliveries, scheduled transactions and payment plans. After mapping everything out, that’s when you can come up with a decision to either move forward or do nothing,


Acknowledge the Weaknesses of Your Current Procurement

Once you’ve laid out your company’s procurement processes, only then can you consider if you need a supplier management software to help your business become more productive. Reviewing your methods can help open your eyes to any weaknesses in your strategy.

Flaws could consist of dealing with issues regarding your clients, postponed deliveries or late payments. Knowing the cause of your difficulties can help prevent issues from occurring that could result in your business struggling.

After determining the current weaknesses of your company, only then can you think of solutions to fix your problems. For example, you’re doing business with unreliable suppliers. In that case, you should assess the situation to see if they’re doing more damage to your company than good, so you can start looking for new collaborators if things remain the same.


Work with a Reliable E-Procurement Provider

Part of upgrading your current procurement strategy to a cloud-based procurement platform is identifying an online provider that can meet your requirements and help drive your business forwards. You should also base your decision on how willing your internal stakeholders are to engage with the project and any budgetary constraints.  

When it comes to choosing the right e-procurement system, it’s important to know what you want to achieve and finding the best solution to deliver the benefits to your company. You need to make sure you’re getting a high-quality solution to ensure that every penny you’re planning on spending returns an adequate return on investment.



If you’re considering cloud-based procurement solutions as a way to help improve your company’s current position, make sure you know what you’re getting into first. It’s a big decision to move your management and procurement strategies online. By establishing the needs of your business, acknowledging your weaknesses, and selecting the correct e-procurement provider, your company will remain in the game and continue to thrive.

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