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7 Ways Supplier Management Improves Business Efficiency


As a business owner, you’ll want to ensure that the money you spend with a supplier provides you with great value in return. To do so, you need to start by recognising the two main pillars of supplier management, which are:

  • To evaluate whether your suppliers are performing according to your organisation’s expectations
  • To identify areas of improvement throughout the lifecycle of a single supplier

To maximize the efficiency of what a supplier provides, it’s important to track and measure their performance with your company. Through regular communication and feedback, organisations can develop a transparent and productive relationship with suppliers, thus discovering the best ways to improve and find quick solutions.

What drives supplier management?

To get a better grasp of why supplier management is vital to business success, consider the following factors:

  • An increase in your operational scale demands more local and international suppliers
  • An organisation’s supplier base needs to meet the increasing complexity of today’s supply chains
  • Suppliers must be managed effectively to avoid performance failure
  • Organisations must streamline crucial supplier data to make improvements
  • Businesses need to ensure that performance doesn’t fluctuate in times of external distress
  • To provide best-in-class performance, businesses must meet and even surpass industry standards

How Supplier Management Improves Your Business Efficiency


Incorporating the right kind of supplier management software can be a great advantage to your business. You’ll be able to deal with the increasing complexity of supply chains, and increase your scale of operations. Here are a few other reasons you need supplier management: 

  1. You maximize quality and save money

In scrutinizing the quality of supplier output, organisations can identify cost-saving opportunities and positively impact the company’s financial standing


  1. You can improve supply transparency

Supplier management systems can help streamline valuable information and data that can identify areas of improvement. Furthermore, you can pinpoint the particular design strategies that can apply these improvements


  1. You can track compliance with relevant parameters

Every supplier must meet a set of standards to fulfill the requirements of an organisation. With a system in place, businesses can more efficiently track a supplier’s compliance according to set parameters. This can help identify the scope of improvement that businesses can employ in order to get better value


  1. You can more easily evaluate supplier performance

One of the essential benefits a company can reap with a supplier management system is to be able to evaluate a supplier’s performance. Companies can get in-depth insights as well as to measure them against the organisation’s KPIs


  1. You can build supporting development programmes

Knowing how a company needs its suppliers to improve enables it to support them through a development programme. Businesses can design these programmess to cater to long-term and crucial responsibilities while providing the right kind of support and assistance


  1. You can leverage your relationship

Signing up for a long-term deal with a supplier also means nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship. Build a relationship based on trust that your company can leverage in the future. When you allow suppliers to better understand your business needs, you open yourself up to further opportunities to improve efficiencies and grow together


  1. You can assess and mitigate risks

As supplier relations become increasingly elaborate, detrimental risks also increase. Therefore, organisations need to identify and mitigate any possible risks




Now that you’re in the know about the benefits of a proper supplier management system, it’s time to put a process in place. At Oboloo, we offer an excellent cloud-based supplier management solution that is intelligent and user-friendly! Launching in the summer of 2020, we will deliver all your organisation’s sourcing,  contract and supplier management needs based on the values that are important to you. 

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