3 Reasons Supply Chain Visibility Is Essential

By The oboloo Team

3 Reasons Supply Chain Visibility Is Essential

Supply chain management has become more complex over the years as it expands to more locations all over the world. Delivering to locations across the globe has made products much more accessible, but it also comes with its own set of challenges.

With these logistical difficulties, it is easy to end up with an unmanaged supply chain that suffers from clear visibility. Now that suppliers are focused on delivering to distant locations, it can be tough to keep a close eye on inventory.

Here are three reasons why strengthening your supply chain and increasing its visibility is more crucial than ever before:

It Reduces Risk

There are many ingredients to a healthy business, and one of them is a properly managed supply chain with full visibility. Supply chain visibility, at its heart, is about knowing where inventory is at a specific time while tracking its movement and delivery. It’s also about having a deep understanding of who you’re working with. Also known as visible commerce, it helps make things more transparent and more comfortable to process.

The thing is that, in an incredibly digital and automated world, most companies forget to focus on the human aspects. Once they do, processes become more transparent. You’ll have a better grasp of essential details that make it easier to run your business, reducing financial, business and reputational risk.

It Protects From Disruption and Interruption

Disruptions and interruptions to supply chains can be catastrophic for your business, especially when you aren’t prepared. Natural disasters like floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes are devastating events that upend people’s lives. While this disrupts the natural flow of supply chains, it also makes it more difficult to resume given the destruction caused.

Apart from natural catastrophes, other events can interrupt supply chains. Trade wars and political unrest can disrupt normal processes, causing deliveries to operate on a delay. With full visibility over your supply chain, affected businesses and organisations can better prepare a disaster recovery plan beforehand and minimise losses.

Proper supply chain visibility also helps companies keep track of their supply network in the event of an interruption. Suppose you have access to a technology that allows you to predict demand. In that case, you can make informed business decisions that ensure you have enough inventory at different points of the supply chain.

It Meets Customer Needs

Supply chain technology is one of the most effective ways to provide visibility into assets across supply networks. These allow supply chain leaders to boost their performance while reducing risk, as such technology can be found in collaborative software that offers live insights.

With such vital information, you can go above and beyond for your customers and improve their experience. Given the extra visibility afforded by supply chain technology, it allows you to be more flexible when meeting customer demand. Since you’ll have access to your supply chain processes in real-time, you’ll know precisely where specific inventory is, allowing you to better accommodate your customers’ needs.


Having a properly managed supply chain with full visibility is crucial. It will offer you the insights you need to make wise, data-based decisions that will help you move your supply chain processes towards excellence. With the help of smart technology, you’ll be streamlining operations, supporting customers, and achieving a transparent supply chain. You’ll also be reducing risks for your supply network, which will do wonders for your business.

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