Contract Management Plan

The Contract Management Plan (CMP) is a document that outlines how the organization will manage, monitor, and control its contracts throughout the contract lifecycle. The CMP should address all aspects of contract management, from pre-award to post-award and closeout.

The CMP should be tailored to the organization’s specific needs and objectives, as well as the type of contract being managed. For example, a construction contract would require a different approach than an information technology services contract.

At a minimum, the CMP should address the following:

1. Roles and responsibilities: Who will be responsible for each stage of the contract lifecycle? What is the chain of command for approvals?

2. Processes and procedures: How will the organization manage each stage of the contract lifecycle? What forms and templates will be used?

3. Communications: How will communication between the organization and the contractor be managed? What channels will be used for communication?

4. Performance management: How will performance be monitored and reported? What metrics will be used to measure performance?

5. Changes: How will changes to the scope, schedule, or price of the contract be managed? What approval processes are in place for changes?

6. Disputes: How will disputes between the organization and the contractor be resolved? Who has authority to make decisions on disputes?

7. Termination: How will termination of the contract be handled? What notice periods

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