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How E-Tendering Is Helping the Public Sector As Well As Business

How E-Tendering Is Helping the Public Sector As Well As Business

A growing number of businesses and public sector departments are moving online, and e-tendering is one of them.
E-tendering is the process of procurement transferred to an online space. In some countries, it has been a legal requirement for public bodies to use an electronic means of communication conduct regulated procurement procedures.

This is to ensure fairness in the e-tendering process, as well as transparency, auditability, and ease of access for bidders.

The general procedure for e-tendering and e-tenders

While different local authorities and buyers tend to use different portals, they generally follow a similar procedure:

● The creation of an account which includes a username and password

● Finding suitable tender opportunities

● Submission of the Expression of Interest (EOI)

● Submission of the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) or the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

● Submission of the e-tender

● Downloading of the relevant bid and tender documents

● Clarification process regarding questions about the PQQ and tender

● Uploading of relevant documents

Tracking of your tender application’s progress.

The benefits of e-tenders

Participating in the process online makes for better organisation and efficiency. The system will automatically invite and manage submissions, saving those engaged with the procurement process plenty of time that can be used for other priorities. 

A good e-tendering system should manage the responses in order to streamline the comparison and evaluation process. The automation in the system also makes it easier to invite more potential bidders and can even facilitate negotiations between the various parties.

It can speed up the process

Having to sort through bidding documents page by page and laying out their points together in a comparison chart has now been made obsolete by e-tendering systems. As such, precious time can be saved, given that the system compiles and analyses the data for you. 

This is especially necessary for time-dependent projects that could be adversely affected by changes in the seasons or worse if left unaddressed.

It can gather important data and information

Using the data provided by the system based on submissions, you can gain insight into the success of the tender process. As such, you can tweak your approach in order to gain more or better bids.

It is more environmentally sustainable

Bidders can save money and paper, as they must neither mail nor print copies of their bids. It also ensures the safe and secure delivery of the necessary information and documents, as it is more difficult to hack into a secure system than open an envelope.


There is little that cannot be improved by technology, and the procurement process is no different. With e-tendering, you can ease the difficult process of requesting and analysing bids and make it faster and more efficient. Whatever the project at hand may be, e-tendering can connect you to the right people for the job. 

If you need e-procurement and e-tendering software to manage your business’s needs, get in touch with us at oboloo. We have what it takes to make the procurement process easier for you.

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