McCann's Objectives

Reduce time spent producing and evaluating sourcing activities

Reduce the cost of sourcing goods & services

Centralised and standardised their sourcing process


Create greater cost savings when sourcing for goods & services

Drive operational efficiencies

Have a centralised process of reporting savings

IPG/McCann China partnered with oboloo to assist in improving procurement best practice, drive operational efficiencies and reduce the cost of sourcing goods & services.

Prior to oboloo being introduced, there were challenges keeping up with client demands and ensuring procurement best practice across 100% of vendors in scope for financial, resource and output efficiencies.


Implemented oboloo's eSourcing, supplier, contract and savings management modules

Enable McCann to track savings against eSourcing activities


Reduce the amount of resource needed to carry out tenders & make the process faster

Built several customisations to fit in with McCann's current process as well as improve others


  • Return on investment achieved within 46 days
  • £550k+ saved in the last 12 months
  • Sourcing activities can now be created in minutes, not days
  • Time saved chasing suppliers for responses
  • Clear and instant supplier evaluation and analysis. Suppliers can be awarded in less time
  • Competitive bidding with clear savings

16% average savings across

eSourcing activities 

Oboloo transparent
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