Supplier Management

Automate your supplier management, on-boarding and vetting process. Drive compliance, reduce risk & ensure your suppliers hold the same values as your organisation in one user-friendly supplier management software.

65% of companies have "poor visibility" of their supplier management processes - Deloitte CPO Survey 2018

Oboloo Supplier management

Supplier Management Software

All Your Suppliers In One Place

All of your suppliers under one user-friendly system with their approved supporting documents.

In-depth Supplier Information

View what contracts a supplier has, what sourcing activities they’ve been invited to and if they’re considered a preferred supplier to your organisation

Suppliers On-boarding & Vetting

All your supplier on-boarding documentation in one place. Let suppliers upload their own vetting documentation for approval

oboloo mobile
oboloo mobile

Automated supplier vetting & on-boarding with approvals

Document Categorisation

Insurance, accreditations documentation etc, categorised accurately under each suppliers profiles with approval logs 

Automated Notifications

Get notified when a supplier document or contract is about to expire directly in oboloo and by email

User-friendly Dashboard

Supplier analysis & metrics by industry, preferred/non-preferred status, approved documents or if they’re under contract. All under one user friendly dashboard

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