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What is a European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)? Definition

What is a European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)? Definition

The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) is a self-declaration document used in public procurement in the European Union. The ESPD replaces the need for bidders to submit multiple declarations, attestations or certificates when participating in a public procprocurement procedure. It is an electronic document which is completed by the bidder and submitted as part of their tender. The use of the ESPD is mandatory in all EU Member States for central government bodies and utilities when procuring goods, works or services above certain thresholds.

What is an ESPD?

An ESPD is a European Single Procurement Document. It is a standard document that can be used by procuring entities when awarding public contracts in the European Union (EU).

The ESPD replaces the need for national procurement documents, such as tender notices, and allows for a more efficient and streamlined procurement process. The ESPD contains key information about the contracting authority, the contract itself, and the tenderer.

The ESPD is an important tool in ensuring fair competition and transparency in EU public procurement. It allows for cross-border competition and ensures that all tenderers have a level playing field.

The benefits of using an ESPD

ESPDs are beneficial for both contracting authorities and economic operators for a number of reasons.

For contracting authorities, ESPDs can reduce the administrative burden and costs associated with tender procedures. They also increase the transparency of procedures and allow for a level playing field between economic operators.

For economic operators, ESPDs simplify the process of participating in tenders by reducing the amount of documentation that must be submitted. They also provide greater clarity regarding the requirements of a particular tender procedure.

The different types of ESPDs

ESPDs come in two different types: the short form and the long form. The short form is a one-page document that contains the essential information about the tenderer, including their name, address, and confirmation that they meet the selection criteria. The long form is a more detailed document that includes all of the information required by the procurement regulations, such as financial statements and references.

How to use an ESPD

An ESPD is a document that sets out the essential requirements that a tenderer must satisfy in order to be eligible to participate in a public procurement procedure.

The ESPD replaces the prior information notice (PIN) and the Notice of Intent (NOI) in EU public procurement. It is a self-declaration form used by economic operators, which aims to reduce administrative burden and costs related to the participation in public procurement procedures.

The ESPD should be completed by all economic operators participating in a given procurement procedure, regardless of whether they are established in an EU Member State or not. In cases where an operator is established in a non-EU country, they may need to provide additional supporting documentation to prove their eligibility.

Operators can use the same ESPD for multiple procurements, as long as the products or services being procured are similar enough that the essential requirements listed on the ESPD are still applicable. The ESPD must be valid at the time of submission of the tender.

When completing an ESPD, operators will need to provide basic information about their company, such as legal name, registered address, VAT number, etc. They will also need to declare whether or not they meet each of the essential requirements listed on the form. In some cases, additional supporting documentation may be required to prove compliance with certain requirements.

Once an operator has completed and signed their ESPD, they can submit it along with their tender offer


The ESPD is a standard form used by contracting authorities when procuring goods, services or works from economic operators in the European Union. The ESPD replaces the former Declaration on Honour and allows economic operators to declare electronically that they meet certain selection criteria set out by the contracting authority. By using the ESPD, contracting authorities can save time and money in the tendering process, as well as ensuring a level playing field for all economic operators.

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