Contract Management

All of your contracts in one secure place giving your organisation full control & transparency of all the contract details and documentation and the criteria & values they were awarded on

"Less than 75% of third-party spend is under an active contract" - KPMG, 2019

All Your Contracts In One Place

Build your own contract repository that holds all the information and documents that you need

Create and store contract records

Upload existing contract records and create new ones with supporting documentation. All records are stored permanently as active or archived

Searchable records

View and search contracts by location, department, supplier, spend category, dates and Status. oboloo uses international CPV codes, as default, for you to categorise contracts or you can add your own

Historic audit trail

Clearly see when any part of the contract record was edited, by whom and when with a detailed change log and time stamp. Contracts are held in oboloo as either active or archived records

oboloo mobile

Be focused & Prioritise

Plan ahead using the dashboards and workflows that highlight what you need to do and by when

User-friendly dashboard

Clear and concise dashboard that shows in real-time the status of contracts and associated workflows

Automated & customised notifications

Intelligent in-system & custom notifications created by your organisation. Never miss a renewal, let a contract over run or expire again

Invite your suppliers to upload documentation for approval

Request any contract documentation for your suppliers to upload directly within oboloo. Or upload them yourself

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