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Scout Contract Management Case Study

Scout's Objectives

Reduce risk - ensuring contracts do not expire without knowledge, resulting in costly auto renews

Meta data against contracts to easily search and find when needed. Taxonomy needed across all contracts

Need for helicopter style visual analysis to reduce resource time gathering contract information


Need of centralised contract repository with a standardised format and document storage

Audit trail - a change log against each contract, documenting every change to a contract with a timestamp

Automated notifications to keep employees up to date with contract key dates

Scout approached oboloo in June 2021 to improve their contract visibility, reduce resource currently spent on contract management and to remove potential risk. 

Prior to oboloo being introduced, Scout were relying on an excel based contract register and shared drive to hold contract documents potential resulting in costly contract auto renews and missed negotiation opportunities.


Implemented oboloo's contract & supplier management modules

Creation of a customised visual analysis dashboard, focusing on the metrics that are most important to Scout

Built additional automated contract notifications as well as a custom notifications function

Training users on oboloo's contract platform as well as the basics of contract management


  • As of Oct 2021, 84 contracts are hosted on oboloo
  • Clear opportunities for cost savings have been identified for a number of contracts due to visual analysis
  • Suppliers can now upload their own documentation to their contracts, with Scout users in full control of their approval
  • The number of missed renewals since using oboloo is currently zero
  • Achieved a holistic view of their supplier compliance against contract performance, linking contract records to suppliers
  • Time savings, allowing users to access the contracts they should be accessing freely, no longer putting strain on Procurement & Legal teams to pull this information for the business
  • Custom notifications – oboloo can send notifications against a contract to a user with a custom alert on a specific date and time

Contracts uploaded, resulting in increased visibility since implementing oboloo

Supporting documents uploaded against contracts

Oboloo transparent