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What Is Best Value Procurement And Why Is It Important?

What Is Best Value Procurement And Why Is It Important?

Are you tired of spending a fortune on procurement projects? Do you want to find a way to get the best value for your money without compromising quality? Then, Best Value Procurement is what you need! BVP is an innovative approach that focuses on selecting contractors based on their performance and expertise rather than just low cost. In this blog post, we will explore what BVP is all about and why it’s important for businesses looking to save costs without sacrificing quality. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of BVP!

What is Best Value Procurement?

Best value procurement is a process that can help organizations achieve greater efficiency and cost savings when purchasing goods and services. By identifying and maximizing the value of procurements, organizations can identify lower-cost alternatives, reduce waste, and improve overall performance.

There are several factors to consider when implementing best value procurement:

1. Strategic purpose. Best value should be aligned with an organization’s overall strategic objectives. For example, a company might want to pursue best value in order to increase efficiency and save money while also meeting customer needs.

2. Customer focus. Best value should be focused on meeting the needs of customers rather than internal compliance requirements or vendor incentives. This will ensure that the organization is getting the most value for its money while also meeting customer expectations.

3. Procurement approach. The best value procurement approach can vary depending on the type of goods or service being purchased. For instance, open market purchases may require different approaches than procurements made through government contracts or negotiated deals.

4. Scope of analysis. In order to identify potential best values, it is important to have a clear understanding of all aspects of a procurement project – from technical specifications to logistics considerations to pricing guidelines. This comprehensive scope of analysis will help avoid unnecessary costs and delays down the road

Why is Best Value Procurement Important?

Best value procurement is the practice of obtaining goods and services from suppliers that offer the best price for the quantity and quality of the goods or services provided. The goal of best value procurement is to minimize Costs while maximizing benefits to the organization. There are a number of reasons why best value procurement is important:

-It can save money: When organizations choose suppliers who offer good value, they can often save money on their purchases. This is because suppliers who offer good value are typically able to pass on savings to their customers, which in turn reduces the cost of the product or service being purchased.

-It can improve customer satisfaction: When organizations select suppliers who offer good value, they are likely to achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings than those who do not. This is because customers tend to be more satisfied when they feel that they are getting a good deal on what they are buying.

-It can improve organizational efficiency: When organizations select suppliers who offer good value, it can often result in greater organizational efficiency due to reduced costs and increased quality across all aspects of organizational operations.

Benefits of Best Value Procurement

Best value procurement is an approach to purchasing that strives to identify the lowest cost, most efficient and effective solution to a problem. It is based on the idea that it is more efficient and effective to purchase goods or services in bulk rather than in small quantities, and to use competition among suppliers to find the best price possible.

The benefits of best value procurement include:

– Increased efficiency and effectiveness: By purchasing products or services in bulk, businesses can save money on overall costs by using economies of scale. This results in cost savings for both the business and its customers.

– Reduced wastefulness: When products or services are purchased in small quantities, businesses are more likely to end up throwing away or wasting those items. By purchasing larger quantities, businesses can avoid this wastefulness and instead put these resources towards more productive uses.

– Reduced risk: Purchasing large quantities of product or service increases the chances that businesses will be able to find a supplier who can meet their specific needs. This reduces the chance that a supplier will not be able to meet the company’s requirements or that the product or service will not be satisfactory.

How to Implement Best Value Procurement

Best value procurement is a process that helps organizations achieve the greatest possible value for their resources, while minimizing waste and inefficiency. It is important to realize that achieving best value does not mean sacrificing quality or meeting deadlines. Rather, it means maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of an organization’s resources while taking into account all costs associated with the procurement process.

There are several steps that an organization can take to implement best value procurement:

1. Identify what constitutes best value. This may involve gathering data on past purchases, conducting cost benefit analyses (CBA), and benchmarking against similar organizations.

2. Create a buying strategy based on best value criteria. This will dictate how and what products and services to purchase, as well as when and how often to bid on contracts.

3. Monitor and evaluate purchasing decisions using performance measures such as cost, schedule, quality, and customer satisfaction.

4. Take corrective action where necessary based on results of performance reviews. Best value procurement should be ongoing throughout an organization’s procurement cycle, not just at contract signing or during implementation phase


Procurement is important for a number of reasons. It can help save money on both the short and long term, making it one of the most valuable aspects of business operations. In addition, procuring goods and services in an effective and timely manner helps protect your company’s reputation and goodwill. By understanding why procuring goods and services in the best value possible is so important, you can begin to put into place measures that will help ensure that happens.

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